Complementary services for your Business

human translation services

If you have a document previously translated and want to ensure that it is free of errors, ensure that there is no ambiguity and that his style is appropriate, our experienced professionals and experts cleaned the text out of it its best version.

We also offer this service as a complementary part of the translation service. In compliance with the certification of specific quality of our industry (ISO 17100:2015), we recommend always include in the process of work a review by a native linguist. As well as the translator, the reviewer account, in each case, with the necessary experience in the sector is also intended to that text.


In Word Works we offer you an excellent team of model makers and graphic designers around the world; in this way we guarantee the fitness not only fund but also the shape of your documentation.

For the submission of documents is an important aspect. Because in many cases it is necessary to adapt the graphic design once validated the contents. Because each country, each market, may require a specific adaptation. For any of these reasons, our team will ensure that the documentation is ready for printing.

In short, a great quality of content is not only necessary but also a presentation copy to help make the reader feel comfortable with reading.

Software and web

Sometimes translation is not enough for a proper communication, and less still when it comes to online media or software. The process of adaptation of a website or a program to another market or language is known in our industry as a location.

With web localization solution we offer you much more than a mere translation: adapt your website that is your international showcase, to the specific market for which it is directed.

This process of localization applies if your product is an application or a software: cultural adaptation, redirection of language, full testing, cosmetic and technical adaptation, etc. We take care of the product from beginning to end so that you only have to worry about the important: sell it.

Interpretation Services

Do you plan a business trip and need support in your trade negotiations? Are you planning a conference or international event? Are you going to visit an exhibition outside Spain? We offer you solutions of interpretation consecutive, simultaneous and liaison so that you ensure success with each of these situations.

Our team of interpreters accompanies you to any corner of the world to lend their support with a flawless professional quality. Currently, we have regular collaborations and performers throughout the world. Added to this, we have the best technical equipment (headphones, microphones and booths) and accredited professionals who guarantee a flawless final result.


Today all industries increase their degree of specialization and internationalization at breakneck speed. In addition to this, we have no time to go to conventional training centers. For this reason, online training has become indispensable.

E-learning platforms are more complex every day. For this reason, it is important to have the supplier with the appropriate experience to carry out the overall management of these projects. From recording or subtitled videos to the translation into all the languages required, including audio and text.

Word Works has a long experience in e-learning. We work in both corporate internal training and projects with universities and training centers in the world. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Video Translation Services

Working with audiovisual platforms has added complexity that only can be tackled with great professionals of this sector. Subtitling, dubbing, or corporate videos or other transcription are not a challenge for our teams.

In many cases, companies require cultural adaptation of their videos so that, in addition to a finished product, we have advisers around the world that help us to ensure that the video conveys the message that the client wanted to launch on the market that is aimed.

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