Headphone review Astell & Kern Layla and Angie

By Albert Arnold

October 8, 2017 Blogging No comments

Especially for those who want everything from sound .

Who is Astell & Kern?

Astell & Kern is not just the name of an umbrella brand. This division of the Korean manufacturer of audio players iriver is directly related to the creation of music devices Hi-Fi class.

The company’s strategy is that in addition to producing high-quality audio players, it offers consumers unrivaled acoustic solutions for use with their devices.

So for fans of overhead headphones, Astell & Kern and Beyerdynamic engineers have joined forces to create the stunning Astell & Kern AKT5p . To meet the needs of sound admirers from in-house headphones, Astell & Kern entered into an alliance with the no less distinguished manufacturer of acoustic in-channel monitors. Their choice fell on Jerry Harvey (Jerry Harvey), the main developer and owner of the company JH Audio, widely known among audiophiles and professional musicians.


A bit of history

Jerry Harvey – an extraordinary personality, and his biography is interesting in itself. In the music industry, Jerry got completely by accident at the age of 19. As a messenger to the organizer of the rock show, he quickly advanced to a guest sound engineer from a number of groups, including notorious Kiss .

In 1986, Jerry began a long-term relationship with David Lee Roth and Van Halen. And in 1995 he marked a new milestone in his life. After the complaint of Alex Van Halen to the noise of the stage equipment, which prevented him from hearing himself and the rest of the group, Jerry made his first headphones out of the components of the hearing aids. They were two-way in-channel monitors with decent soundproofing. The dressed-up radio worked perfectly, and orders were poured on Jerry one by one.

However, the talented engineer was not too lucky with partners. By organizing his own company Ultimate Ears, Jerry transferred the responsibility for the manufacture of cases and assembling monitors of Westone . By the early 2000s, his headphones were used by a lot of musicians, including The Rolling Stones , RHCP and the du Soleil circus troupe.

Then Ultimate Ears received a blow from its first partner. Westone tried to claim the rights to develop Jerry and was preparing to distribute the Ultimate Ears headphones (source: http://headphonecode.com/ ) on its own. After the proceedings, Ultimate Ears retained the right to technical developments, and Westone withdrew the client base, which soon returned to Jerry. In 2007, Ultimate Ears was absorbed by Logitech. But by that time Jerry had already left the company.

He started everything from scratch, based JH Audio (Jerry Harvey Audio). At first, Jerry started production of aviation sets, and by 2009 he returned to the world of professional acoustics.

Later, he introduced two models of in-channel monitors, named after famous songs, Angie and Layla . To date, these headphones can be considered the crowning of technical research by Jerry Harvey.

It is these two models Astell & Kern offers as an addition to their music players.


Unusual appearance is the first thing that catches your eye when you get acquainted with headphones. They are much larger than regular gags or liners and are more like professional concert monitors, which is explained by their pedigree. The quality of the materials, fitting the parts and fitting the headphones are beyond praise. JH Audio produces first-class headphones, and Laya and Angie are additional proof of this.

Through the transparent coating, the carbon fiber headphones are clearly visible. They are black and red from Angie and black with a pearl edging from Layla . Unlike custom progenitors, the Astell & Kern headphone versions are universal , so 6 pairs of interchangeable ear cups are attached to them, with which music lovers will be able to tailor the headphones themselves to the anatomical features of their ears.