Some priceless gifts to woo your partner this valentine

By Albert Arnold

January 16, 2018 Blogging No comments

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and here we are glued to the internet for some crazy ideas to make it memorable. You might be thinking to give best gifts along with some savings idea by using discount code or coupons from some of top voucher sites like! Your better half is looking forward to this day and is secretly planning a day for you, let’s help you reciprocate better with quite some efforts yet pocket-friendly ideas.

Gift them memories!

Buying heaps of expensive items can bring a smile to your partner’s face, but the joy of creating a memory is beyond words. Reminding them of every moment spent with them till date could melt their heart. If you are a good artist, sketch a picture of the best memory you had together and gift them a portrait- hang it up in your bedroom and see the love build! Plan a date to the place you first met and let the nostalgia do its job.

Play the role of a Masseur/Masseuse

Yes, that’s an absolute romantic idea of Valentine. Efforts are always appreciated over money. Blend in a mix of some herbal/essential oil, create an ambience with dim lights and low music and lift their mood up. What’s better, a body massage from your bae or the professional AND COSTLY massage from a stranger?  

DIY gift basket

Confused enough to get a single thing? Prepare a basket full of cute, little yet precious gifts. It could be anything they like or had a desire to purchase. Add a touch of yourself by making a card or a letter to them. I have an experience with DIYs, whatever you make can never let your loved ones down. Poems are my little add ups to every gift, and it does enhance the entire idea of gifting. So, if you are right with words to go old school and write beautiful lines for them. Instead of buying flowers, make a bouquet out of paper or pompoms (Youtube at your rescue), to make it dearer add your essence to it by spraying your perfume.

Musical date

If your partner is into music, why not rent a karaoke machine and have fun jamming? Nothing better than laughing at your rhythmless voice yet having fun. Don’t stereotype this with chocolates and same old flowers, add some spice to it. Make some fortune cookies out of paper and list out songs from their favourites. Sing along and live the day!

Serve them right

By this, I mean serving them. Try something you might have or have not done before, cooking! A fancy restaurant on Valentine can cost you twice which doesn’t appetise the wallet! I would instead suggest you invest some time and skills into preparing their favourite meal. Set up a table on the lawn, light up a candle and play some relaxing music. This sounds like a cliché movie, but food always strengthens love and home-made is still merrier!

Create your coupon book

List out some naughty, romantic things-to-do for/with your love like- a foot rub, doing their laundry, breakfast in bed, post how great your partner is, kiss after every hour and a lot more. Need I tell you how to turn them on? This excites the idea of intimacy. Also, the perks of this are you get to fulfil your wishes too (secretly adding cuddles).

Surprise them with a change

Pleasing someone does not always have to be with romantic getaways, gifts or dates. A change in your behaviour that your partner would cherish is the most valuable gift you could present them with. Invite them to clean room with done laundry, arranged closet and a see their smile lit up. Make a promise you are willing to keep like quit smoking, drinking or any other wrong pursuit.

Make it “your thing.”

Put a pause to circling the same traditional ideas of Valentine’s celebration. This year do something that could be JUST your thing. Start a hobby together and work on strengthening your bond.

Express yourself

Don’t get too lost in making the day a party to remember. Actions do speak louder than words but not nearly as often! Saying kind and loving words charges nothing. Say, ‘I love you’ often, remind them of their importance to you. Such a small gesture every day could bring your Valentine.